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May 14, 2012

SLK and Sharepoint VNext

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Richard Willis, coordinator of the Sharepoint Learning Kit (SLK) gives a glimps of a possible feature in the next version of sharepoint, the  use of educational content and the similarities with SLK and possible use in Sharepoint online (Office365)  http://blog.salamandersoft.co.uk/index.php/2012/02/sharepoint-vnext-to-include-education-component/

Richard doesn’t see a future for SLK in Office365. For me, an Office365 E3 user, familiar with its implemenation of Sharepoint and roadmap it seems logical. If you have the use of Office365 Sharepoint, you are just a tennant: no access to the actual plumbing and heating of the building. Yes I know  there is a sandbox but it can handle only a scaled down set of the complete object model. Need more then you must have a High Level Design that Microsoft accepts, probably a third party that builds it and it must pass some test and MS to deploy it. SLK uses a dedicated database and therefore cannot run from the sandbox. For now I’m not favoring Office365 over an on-premise Sharepoint use: above all because there is no Office 365 Sharepoint Store where I can rent some additional solutions(webparts), limited search, limited webservices etc etc. See also http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=18128
If we want to make the use of Office365 Sharepoint comparable to an on-premise experience then the vendors you have now, Axceler Bamboo etc have to port their solutions to Office365. For this their High Level Designs are yet to be signed off by Microsoft to get it available for use in Office365? Or is this already done and must we wait for the Office365 Sharepoint Webstore, with the educational content solution as one of the first to rent?  Richard doesn’t see a future for SLK in Sharepoint online and there wil probably no High Level Design for it.  It’s survival is then the use in the free, on-premise WSS/ Foundation versions of Sharepoint.

Educational content is a much needed but should also be an out off the box/ to rent feature in Sharepoint. The SLK is a great effort but seemed to me to much of a hassle to get it running, for example not being able/ advised to use AD groups.  I cannot wait to see the possible out off the box/ to rent feature from Microsoft in action but I expect this can take 1 -3 years.


September 8, 2011

Implementing SLK

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Sharepoint Learning Kit can be implemented as a self-service (learner chooses assignment-s ) or push(teacher assign assignments to learners)  application.
The current version 1.5 and higher has a dropbox, a sharepoint document library with a folder per assignment and learner subfolders: 

The learner accesses his assignment is this folder via the assignment webpart. Because this assignment resides in a document library all the usual options for editing and saving are available.
Included in this posting instructions for and comments about a Sharepoint2010 push implementation:

May 24, 2011

Sharepoint 2007 versus Sharepoint 2010 metadata

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We have in Sharepoint 2007 custom lists that are used as simple drop boxes. In this list we have a lookup field that serves as metadata for the uploaded assignment.

These custom lists are completely out the box, no event receiver. The teacher is warned about unwanted input (student has scored his own assignment) using a calculated column. There are views in place that presents uploaded assignment to the appropriate teacher. Students can only view the assignments  they own. These users can subsequently filter the shown assignments using the column filters

In the above case there are more than 70 assignments from three related courses to choose from. It is presented as one long dropdown list.
In Sharepoint 2010 this dropdown list can be replaced with a managed metadata column (which can be available throughout the farm..).

Using the metadata column the uploaded assignments can be filtered like in 2007 but it’s now hierarchical.

New is the list navigation using the managed metadata (terms set)  and/ or keywords (column) filter. These are only accessible in the quick launch column (left site column) of the list (if configured in the  list settings). It is therefore not available for filtering on a page. This could be handy with multiple lists that share the same terms set.

An other advantage is that administrators can configure that the tagging application allows new terms/ or suggestions via email and delegation of the management of the term set.

Here a summary of  the scale and  structure of term sets and actions within the term store management tool.

Deprecate or delete terms?

When deprecating a term the term can be used for filtering. It is not longer available for tagging new content.
Obviously a deleted term CANNOT be used for filtering. In de above case users cannot filter for assignments that have deleted tags.

May 23, 2011

Unless you know why you want to implement it – Informal learning payoffs in real life

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One year ago Microsoft launched SharePoint 2010. It is described by Microsoft as  “the biggest release we’ve ever done of SharePoint”. Especially the social networking capabilities and opportunities to build “ a collaborative learning community using the latest technologies” are mentioned.

Greg Weiss blogs about the effort involved to make social learning with the use of Sharepoint2010 possible. In the user confined Sharepoint environment, with users already using www social networking tools and the aforementioned corporate effort (= investment)  there is need for a rock solid business case. This article by Clark Quinn has in my opinion a short list of payoffs that can be of assistance to make such a case.

Will Richardson wrote in 2006 “Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and other powerful tools for the classroom” which has also to the point payoffs and use cases.

April 13, 2011

SLK continued

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I’ve blogged before about the Sharepoint learning Kit. Version 1.5 (stable) is out and can be used in Sharepoint2010 (Foundation)
Review from Marco van Wieren about this version http://www.sharepointappmarket.com/2011/03/a-sharepoint-learning-kit-primer 
Because in the past year I’ve read about performance issues with the dropbox this discussion between Richard Willis (slk coordinator/ developer) and marco van Wieren is probably more interesting. From what I’ve read and observed in version 1.4 this drop box is a custom list in which user uploaded assignments are placed. During this placement a breakroleinheritance (used in DropBoxManager.cs) is  utilized. This can be a perfomance issue like encountered by a (forgot the name..) school in the VS when there are many assignments and many users.. In the reply from Richard in the discussion  about using Sharepoint lists versus database tables and permission on items it seems to be handled different in the 1.5 version(?) Well I’ve to install it and look at the DropBoxManager.cs to be sure. To be continued..    

April 15, 2010

Free-to-use e-learning development – Learning Content Development System

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Rapid creation of  interactive, online SCORM compatible courses with Microsoft’s LCDS (see also Sharepoint Learning Kit for using this content ) .  Here http://michaelhanley.ie/elearningcurve/free-to-use-e-learning-development-14-learning-content-development-system/2009/11/19/

October 7, 2008


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Sharepoint in education   Until this evening ELearningForce’s Sharepoint-LMS was not on my list of potential LMS suppliers for Sharepoint. The  ELearningForce’s comparison of SharePointLMS to other “leading” platforms, although not very usefull here in the Netherlands, records features that l wil further investigate. I suspect this LMS is a Joomla clone.


Also to investigate: SharePoint Learning Kit – Course Manager.



January 6, 2008

Attach a(ny) document to a SLK assignment.

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The current release does not allow students to attach a document to the assignment to be submitted.
There is a patch to the SLK (currently being evaluated) that allows students to attach any document to the assessment. When the instructors review the assessment they will see a paperclip against each students name. Clicking on the paperclip will open up a list item containing the attachments.
UPDATE see BETA 1.4, SLK WITH DROPBOX : http://slk.codeplex.com/releases/view/38555

January 4, 2008

How to implement SLK

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Sharepoint Learning Kit.
Today I read the posting Sharepoint in School – Best organisational practice from http://www.codeplex.com/UserAccount/UserProfile.aspx?UserName=jrubinstein  See also THIS announcement.
The eyeopener was that the SLK manages the read rights on document libraries when assignments are set for users in a site that is not hosting these document libraries:
  • In one site setup assignment libraries
  • There is no need to grant ‘students’ access to the(se) site(s) with learning content.
    With this setup the school has a assignment repository
    ?!Not diserable for formative assignments: students cannot assign assignments to themselves.
  • SLK teacher or… chooses an assigment:
    Assign it to the students in siteX.
    To resolve the criteria for siteX:
    – who are the SLKlearners?
    – who are the SLKteachers?
  • Provioning of this scenario? READ the SLK posting and have attention to “automated system for updating teachers and their classes” and visit http://www.salamandersoft.co.uk

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