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June 27, 2012

Content Type Hub in Sharepoint 2010 and SharePoint Online / Office 365

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It is not possible to manage in one location content types in Sharepoint 2007. In this version a content type can only be managed and consumed in the sitecollection in which the type is created. In Sharepoint 2010 a content type can be created and managed in the content type hub, a dedicated sitecollection by your choice. Basically the hub feature must be activated in this site, content types created and their settings used to publish ( re- or unpublish ) it.  All other site collections in the farm are subscribed to the Metadata Service Application service from the hub, and can consume its content types. Because the actual publishing depends on a timer job it can take some time before these content types are shown in other sitecollections than the content type hub site.

In Sharepoint Online/ Office 365 microsoft has assigned a sitecollection for you that serves as the content type hub. (/sites/contentTypeHub).

More reading on content type hub from Chakkaradeep Chandran


June 11, 2012

SharePoint Apps Store ! (?)

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In – this – posting I suggested that there is need for an Office365 Sharepoint Webstore. In – this – article such a store is mentioned:  “SharePoint Apps (store) will support multi-tenant installations so that hosting providers can make available the same set of applications to multiple customers”

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