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May 16, 2011

FIM and User Profile Synchronization Services

Filed under: Sharepoint — Peter Kruisman @ 10:33 am

There are many postings about the struggle to synchronize profiles with the scaled down Forefront Identity Manager in Sharepoint 2010. I also struggled when I stopped the service and tried to start it again which failed. There is an overload of blogs and articles with possible causes, none of these solved my problem. Ultimately I deleted the profile and synchronization services. I configured them from scratch using Central Administration. Starting  the synchronization service failed again (after a long wait). After this the FIM services are disabled and there is no error in the event viewer.

Manually starting
 these services resulted twice in a  FIMsynchronizeServices ID 6324 error. The first because it tried to bind to the sync db that Sharepoint deleted when I deleted the service. I resolved this in changing the database name in the registry (FIMService > DatabaseName) After a restart the error was the same but now when binding to the new database. To solve this I added the Farmaccount to the local admin group (restarted the server). Starting the Synchronization services in Central Administration after this was successful and I removed the farm account from the local administration (again). As a test I restarted the server and examined the Synchronization Services which was up and running..
I conclude from this that when you get this page

in all cases – you also have to temporary add the farmaccount to the local administration group.


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