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April 29, 2011

Powershell, parameter suggestions

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Configuring Sharepoint 2010 can be done using the Central Administration and / OR using powershell.

 For example we can use the  Central Administration for configuring the data collection of events. This is done in “Configuring web analytics and health data collection” by selecting an event.

1. Central administration, events that can be logged

Using Central Administration you cannot change the default retentionperiod, which is 30 days. It can be done using one of the many sharepoint powershell cmdlet’s (.Net framework instances) and accompanying parameters. For configuring the retention period the SPUsageDefinition instance can be used. Powershell can provide the accompanying parameters and examples using the Get-Help and -Full switches like:

2. Get-Help and -Full switches

From the provided information I conclude you can use the event names in Central Administration(see the printscreen 1. ) for the -Id parameter

Powershell script to alter the retention period:

3. Setting the retention period for an event


4. Getting the retention period for an event

Examining cmdlet parameters


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