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December 29, 2009

BDC and usability

Filed under: BDC, Infopath, Sharepoint — Peter Kruisman @ 8:12 pm

I have a challenge, show the user data from two sqldb tables that should be inserted in an Infopath form. The “solution” so far is that I’ve made an adf that has association between two entities.. I’ve the actions for a detailspage  that the Infopath form uses  BUT it requires five+ actions by the users
1 – Choose a filter in bdc list webpart and add some text
2 – Choose student from the results in the bdc list webpart
3 – In the related items bdc webpart choose klas and the action(s)
4 – “”review” the details page etc.. Merely just because this page can deliver the url parameters to the form..
This is not user friendly. And the related items webpart is always showing the latest results, even when the user made a new filter request.
I’ve tried to do it all with the bdc list webpart to overcome the poor usability of the out of the box solution: Bdc list webaprt and a bdc related item webpart, details(profile) page.  The problem is that some records are not unique enough for the adf to include actions for it.
This is the problem:
student_1 – class_a [actions]
student_2 – class_a [here i want also actions but it does not show any]
student_2class_b  [here i want also actions but it does not show any]
student_3 – class_a [actions]

I’ve posted here for some guidance/ advice

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